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Microsites With Simplebooklet

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Why You Need A Microsite How To Market Online In The Age Of The Easily Distracted.

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You've got something amazing to offer....


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...and a passionate story behind your product.

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Now you want to tell the world about it.

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Customer's today have really, really short attention spans... 

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...and crave more focused content at a smaller scale

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You need to hold their attention long enough...

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so they can't imagine a life without you.

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This is what a microsite is made for.

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When you want to:

sell a product or service,distribute a newsletter, share a great idea, make an online presentation, promote an event,or just sell hats for dogs.
A microsite gets it done.

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Because a microsite keeps your content focused on a single product, service, idea, topic, story, or message. And makes it easier to guide your customer to you desired outcome.

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What It Takes To Make A Microsite.

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You don't need to be a rocket scientist (Or know how to code or design). Just follow these rules to make an engaging, influential microsite.

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Rule One
Define what you want your customer to do after they view your content. 
Then build a story that leads them to that outcome.

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Rule Two
20 seconds.

Your customer should be able to absorb all the content on your page within 20 seconds and feel confident to continue.

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Rule Three
Be Visual.

Use images, videos, and words with high imagery value. Forget about corporate speak, when your audience understands what you are talking about, your message appears brilliant.

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Rule Four
Less is more.

Every additional page makes it harder and harder to keep your customer's attention.

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Rule Five
Set the stage.

Surround your pages with the branding and support tools that build trust and familiarity. Contact menus, your logo, and a mood setting background goes a long way to anchoring each page.

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Remember, a microsite isn't about lots of content, it's about focused content that leads to an outcome.

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Simplebooklet makes making microsites simple.

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